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Devoted to pets and design.

HOWLER COLLECTION is a contemporary pet label that values quality, functionality and sustainability. Our dog and cat harnesses and accessories showcase exclusive designs and features while celebrating all things colour!

Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia, we are a mother and daughter team that share an obsession for slow fashion and design. We craft pet harnesses, collars and leashes while supporting local businesses, with 80% of our suppliers and 100% of our production processes based in Melbourne. Thinking local maintains our ethics while supporting the talented local artisans and industries still working in Melbourne.

The pet fashion industry, like most fashion, has an environmental cost that can be high. However, by selecting durable fabrics and components, we craft a product with a long life cycle that can endure the love of your furry friend. More so, we exclusively work with Italian eco leather*, which ensures low emissions and uses less harmful materials. 

* low-emission Italian semi-aniline cow leather

The makers


Although leather is hardwearing and undoubtedly gorgeous, managed incorrectly it can be extremely harmful to the environment and often uses chemicals that impact the precious humans working with it. This is why we are dedicated to exclusively using 100% Italian Blue Angel certified eco leather*. Blue Angel is the oldest eco-label and meets stringent environmental standards throughout its life cycle. What this means is low emissions with less harmful materials, lower consumption of water and hide traceability. Ensuring all leather is a byproduct of the agriculture industry.

* low-emission Italian semi-aniline cow leather


HOWLER COLLECTION collaborates with like-minded artists, creatives and industries to produce exceptional quality dog accessories.

From design to manufacturing, we THINK LOCAL.

We support local businesses, with over 80% of our suppliers based within Melbourne. Additionally, 100% of our harnesses and leather products are made in Melbourne! In doing so, we support local jobs, valuable trades and industries and our community. This approach also maintains our quality control and ensures greater transparency across supply chains. If resources are not locally available, we are committed to investigating supply chains, working towards full transparency to ensure our creations are as ethical as possible.

Suppliers and production processes sourced within Melbourne:
Pattern Development - Artwork Illustration - Harnesses and Leather Goods Manufacturing - Fabrics - Fabric Printing - Bonding and Cutting - Custom Webbing - Bias binding - Rivets


As a socially responsible business, we improve our practices wherever possible to minimise our environmental footprint. Waste reduction is crucial to us at every stage, from pattern development through to plotting. We love that our Step In Harness currently produces less than 5% fabric waste.

We create on-demand collections, which reduces our overall waste, and means we can produce more of the creations you love. We are committed to upholding quality above quantity.

Our packaging is compostable and or recyclable.


Support slow-pooch fashion

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Slow-pet fashion

Support sustainable practices and a small business with big ideas about quality and design

Female owned and operated

A mother and daughter team “Howler Collection was born from our love of slow fashion, modern design and functionality”

Think Local

Designed and made in Melbourne, we support local jobs, valuable trades and industries and our community